PCNY Presents "The Holidays "


Friday, July 20 -- 12:00pm


3 West Club
3 West 51st Street at Fifth Avenue, NYC


Patricia Tortolani
Senior Editor

Ellen McGirt
Fast Company
Senior Writer

Francesca Castagnoli
Senior Writer

Liz Sgroi
Quick & Simple
Senior Food Editor

Nick Thompson
Senior Editor


(Compiled by Blair Benjamin at Edelman/New York)

Nick Thomson
Senior Editor

  • Background on Magazine:
    • About how technology is changing the world, exciting new technologies, gadgets
    • Every year publish a tools guide around the holiday season, featuring exciting new technologies or gadgets that will excite people
    • Open a Wired store every holiday season in Soho, which features the latest, most innovating technology
    • Have a blog called Gadget Lab, which reviews new products
  • Looking for:
    • Target specific technology
    • Products, gadgets, tools that make people go “wow”
    • Has to be something the public hasn’t already seen
  • Pitching:
    • Product editors are located in San Francisco not New York
    • Prefer e-mails
    • Pitch products to :
      • Mark McClusky: Products Editor, Mark_McClusky@wired.com
      • Joe Brown: Associate Editor, Joe_Brown@wired.com
  • Deadline: Mid-September


Ellen McGirt
Fast Company:
Senior Writer

  • Background on Magazine:
    • Talks about how business is changing the world
    • In the midst of updating their website
  • Looking for:
    • Open to new ways one can give gifts that make a difference for this years holiday gift guide
      • Open to new ideas, gadgets, concepts, technologies
      • Unusual ways people give gifts that make a difference
    • Theme undecided for this years holiday guide, but it will be along the lines of sustainability
  • Pitching:
    • David Lidsky- Senior Editor, DLidsky@fastcompany.com
      • collecting ideas for this years theme
    • Mike Prospero-Staff writer, MProspero@fastcompany.com
      • tech guru
    • Ellen McGirt- Senior Writer, EMcGirt@fastcompany.com
      • Looking for larger ideas
    • Lynn D. Johnson- Senior Online Editor, LJohnson@fastcompany.com
  • Deadline: Mid-September


Patricia Tortolani
Senior Writer

  • Background on Magazine:
    • Covers new innovative products on the market as well as new trends in beauty and fashion
  • Looking For
    • Gift Guide: position it as the 15-20 items we really want for ourselves
      • Mix of new products as well as classics
    • Cover fashion accessories as well in the Gift Guide
    • Gift guide always features a large photo of the product accompanied by a caption
  • Pitching:
    • Enjoys attending Holiday gift preview events
    • Working on the guide now, don’t want to attend “winter wonderland” events when it is July
    • Just interested in the product, not getting in the holiday spirit
    • Prefers e-mail
    • Leah Carp- Accessories Editor, leah_carp@condenast.com
    • Fiona Gibb is online editor – allure.com will do a “gift a day” there – Fiona_Gibb@condenast.com
  • Deadline: Latest is September 1


Liz Sgroi
Quick & Simple:
Senior Food Editor

  • Background on Magazine:
    • Aim towards valued conscious, time pressed women looking for money saving, quick ideas
    • Helping a busy mom get through her day
    • Tend to Include inexpensive products that can be found anywhere
  • Looking For:
    • Their holiday gift guide runs throughout November and December, since is it a weekly magazine
    • There is one particular issue in Mid-December that will feature a 6-page gift guide
    • Food Section interested in easy to do recipes, inexpensive kitchen products, recipe savers (or hotlines)
    • One idea for a holiday issue is what readers can do with leftovers
      • Clever/Creative ideas
    • Health section is a big section of the magazine as well as their contest and coupon section
  • Pitching:
    • Prefer an email with a photo if possible
    • Alexis Tirado- Contest and Coupons editor, ATirado@hearst.com
    • Do not typically feature branded recipes, prefer generic – but would do a branded cookbook offer like she did with Barilla and Giada DeLaurentiis
  • Deadline: Mid to late September


Francesca Castagnoli
Senior Writer

  • Background on Magazine:
    • Believe that women come to the magazine to feel good about themselves
    • Cover products that would change the readers opinion of themselves
  • Looking For:
    • Gifts that can change your life
    • This years guide will feature daily tips about gift giving and what to give who
    • Like gifts that are charitable and organic
    • Pushing to cover more men products this year
    • Product criteria: safe you time and make you feel good
  • Pitching:
    • Send e-mail with jpegs
    • Mentions how packaging is getting out hand
    • Doesn’t want to receive any more product samples, unless she requests them
    • In the subject header don’t say : Gift Guide Solution, gets cluttered with every other email that has that subject line

“Tipsy” – for online and in the book – will be loads of “happiness” ideas, combined with some products

Laura Kalehoff, Self's psychology editor, is on maternity leave. Send your psychology pitches to Gayle Forman

Laura Kalehoff laura_kalhoff@condenast.com

Health-related stories to Self’s health editor – Elizabeth Ann Shaw – elizabeth_shaw@condenast.com

  • Deadline: Latest September 1

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