PCNY Looks at Parenting/Kids Media


Monday, October 27th, 2008 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM, Luncheon


3 West Club
3 West 51st Street at Fifth Avenue, NYC

Parents TV
Juli Auclair

Time Out New York Kids
Rory Halperin
Managing Editor

Working Mother
Barbara Turvett
Deputy Editor

Louise Crawford

American Baby
Kate Kelly
Managing Editor

Jenny Rosenstrach
Features Director

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Louise Crawford
Barbara Turvett
Jenny Rosenstrach
Rory Halperin
Juli Auclair
Kate Kelly

Juli Auclair

E-mail: juli.auclair [at] meredith.com

-  A network for everything parents need to know on how to raise healthy kids

-  Runs on Comcast to 15 million subscribers, plus online and on YouTube

– YouTube.com/ParentsTV and at www.parents.tv

-  Shares stories with Better.TV

-  8-9 new stories per month on topics from infants to teenagers – example of recent pieces:  "what's REALLY in your juice box" (sugars?), surviving the first trip to the dentist.

-  Films in-studio in NY and on location

-  E-mail is always best

-  Don't normally cover events

-  Films approx 2 months in advance


-  Working on February now

-  Stories that can be made visual (b-roll, props)

-  Something parents can take away from segment

-  Travel pieces – with video – especially if it also shows how to save money


Rory Halperin
Managing Editor

E-mail: rhalperin [at] timeoutny.com

-  Monthly magazine, everything must have a NYC angle (five boroughs – MAYBE Long Island, Westchester, Southern CT, Northern NJ)
-  Covers babies to school aged kids with a focus on preschool/school aged kids

-  News

-  3 – 3 ½ month lead time

-  Website is updated daily – mostly around events

-  E-mail is best

-  Staff sits together – so don't call everyone

-  Email first before you send product – limited storage space

-  Sections:

1.    Feature every month – see Ed Cal

2.    Culture – Art, museums, books, film, TV

3.    Calendar Listings – events


-  Working on February now

-  Products for shopping section must be sold in NYC store – online doesn't count – email image first before sending – they have no
room to store product

-  Artwork for events are welcome -- photos


Barbara Turvett
Deputy Editor

E-mail: barbara.turvett [at] workingmother.com

-  Magazine for the career-committed working mother

-  Not currently sold on newsstands (subscription only and doctor office delivery)

-  Focuses on baby through teenage years (they do more teen kid parent content than almost any other parenting book)

-  Doesn't take phone calls

-  Wants to know right away what it is your product is

-  They've just been bought by Bonnier – their online program is going to change

-  Know the magazine before you pitch

-  Sections:

1.    You section- mom aspect, beauty, fashion, lifestyle tips

2.    Work section- best companies for working mothers, etc.

3.    Family section- parenting products, beauty, fashion, office life, work at home life


-  Happy to look at products – they have a very small staff

-  Angle your product specifically to the magazine

-  Accepts travel pitches


Louise Crawford

E-mail: louise_crawford [at] yahoo.com

SmartMom column

-  Weekly column in the Brooklyn Paper

-  Pitch 2 weeks- one month in advance

-  Interested in trends, products, books, events, etc.

-  Special interest in adoption – her children are older so issues related to pre-teens and teens

-  She writes as SmartMom (a character loosely based on her life)


-  Louise's personal blog about life in Brooklyn – politics, events, food, living

-  10-20 posts per day

-  "Daily photograph" post – she will start to consider video

-  Wants information that pertains specifically to Brooklyn

-  Not too much lead time—you can pitch her a few days in advance, sometimes even the day before


Kate Kelly
Managing Editor

E-mail: kate.kelly [at] meredith.com

-  Their reader is a pregnant mom, or a mom with a baby (also may have an older child)

-  Magazine is only sold by subscription or seen in OB-GYN or pediatrician offices

-  Freelancers cover the longer, more narrative stories

-  Email is best – Easy to fwd to appropriate person or file it for later

-  Don't follow up too soon – She sometimes gets calls the same day or following day. Wait at least a week, two weeks is even better

-  Messages should be short and sweet – who you are, why you're calling

-  Know who you are pitching, be familiar with the source and the contact

-  Press Releases or photography on CDs are always thrown away – when they want photos, they will call for them


-  Interested in: product news, health news, studies, factoids, statistics

-  Send product, but nothing too elaborate or in pretty packaging – it goes to waste

-  Products – For mom, baby, pregnant moms


Jenny Rosenstrach
Features Director

E-mail: jenny_rosenstrach [at] condenast.com

-  Says their magazine is "aspirational" not fancy, lifestyle magazine for parents

-  Magazine is visually driven – loves products that are well designed

-  Review section – books, toys, games

-  She loves exclusives on products or stories

-  Make pitches short and put links in the top of the pitch so if she is reading via blackberry it's easy to find.

-  E-mail is best

-  They do a lot with travel that adults would love
http://www.cookiemag.com/magazine/blogs/goingplaces/2008/10/shop-pick-milk.html is their travel editor's blog (plus they pick up bloggers from other places)


-  Working on March/April

-  Product is welcome

-  Gift guides all year – Mother's Day, Father's Day, holidays etc.

-  Interested in well-designed products, products that solve a real problem

-  Daily Find (blog)- pitch assistants or associates – this is a daily product-focused feature at www.cookiemag.com




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